Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Graphic Design. Artist Matthew Bell. Professor John Searl, SEG/Searl Effect Generator controversy.

Design by Matthew Bell

Dodgem Car. Acrylic/mixed media.
Canvas  157cm x 213.5cm 

I caught up with my nephew Matthew Bell recently at a rare family gathering, and he showed me his portfolio. Matthew was at the Chelsea School of Fine Art and Design, and is talented at painting, digital art, graphic design, animation and computer games. He is currently interested in artificial intelligence.
Matt has designed shampoo bottles for Boots, has worked for Anthony Gormley, the Newell and Sorrell agency and IMP, and painted portraits of Lembit Opik, Danny Alexander and Ed Balls among many others for the late Andrew Roth's Parliamentary Profiles.

His current commission is to paint a portrait of the controversial British Professor John Roy Robert Searl, and five of his office buildings. 

Matthew beside his portrait of Professor Searl in progress

Professor Searl, who was born in 1932,  is the inventor of the Searl Solution, the Searl Effect Generator which he developed in the 1960s. The SEG is allegedly capable of producing electricity cheaply and safely without fuel, pollution, friction or noise. His company Searl Magnetics Inc. is  in California. 

Searl Effect Generator, a flying disc

The British Wikipedia entry on Searl has been removed under Data Protection Law. The translated version of Wikipedia from the Netherlands calls him a controversial British inventor, and reports that most people call him a charlatan or a swindler:(De meesten die met hem te maken hebben gehad, betitelen hem als charlatan of oplichter)

Nonetheless Professor Searl has supporters all over the world,  including an enthusiastic following on Facebook, The Searl Effect Community.

Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell

An illustration for children's books by Matthew Bell

Harrow-on-the-Hill painting in acrylic by Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell
Various 3D models of characters for different clients by Matthew Bell