Saturday, 29 November 2014

Prim or perky office fashion by M&S. Black Friday chaos.

Truro had none of the manic scenes during the UK Black Friday sales, imported from the USA,.

The Mail online gleefully reported:

  • Stampede of the sales 'animals': Black Friday frenzy turns violent as shoppers fight over bargains 
  • Greater Manchester Police chief said mayhem was 'totally predictable' but that stores did not have enough staff 
  • Manchester police made three arrests after being called to 7 Tesco stores - one had to be closed after 36 minutes 
  • One man arrested on suspicion of assault allegedly told staff member in Salford he would 'smash their face in'
  • A woman was injured by a falling TV at Tesco store in Stretford, while a female worker left work with a black eye 
  • Desperate customers were seen brawling over a Blaupunkt HD TV in Tesco which had been slashed by just £60
  • Scotland Yard confirmed officers were called to three Tesco stores in Willesden, Surrey Quays and Edmonton 

  • Asda, Wembley
    Marks & Spencer, Boots and Amazon are bombarding my inbox at the moment, and as Marks has 20% off for four days I decided to hunt for a dress that would do for Christmas and an 80th birthday party in January. 

    Torn Paper Print Tunic Dress, £27.65

    Before settling on the above unusual sort of arty number, which was sadly out of stock, I looked at all the dresses in M&S, Including the section entitled Suits and Work dresses. These were a revelation, ranging from a very prim or very perky selection. The latter might prove pleasantly distracting. The white collared dresses would be ideal for court appearances, √† la Rebekah Brooks mode..
    Peter Pan Collar Ponte Skater Dress £31.50

    Pinstriped Skater dress detachable Collar £34.65

    Colour Block Shift Dress with Belt £34.65

    V-Neck Chevron Bodycon Dress £55.30

    Grid Checked Zip Pockets Jacket £59.00

    Side Colour Block Shift Dress £31.50 
    Spotted Jacquard Skater Dress £34.65

    Diamond Bodycon Dress £31.50