Sunday, 14 December 2014

Mincemeat Christmas buns from Recipes from a Cornish Kitchen by Laurie Burley. Extraordinary stargazing Cornish pasties. Lidl.

Laurie Burley

I have just been lucky enough to meet a fellow blogger, Laurie Burley, who was my bridge partner yesterday. Her Recipes from a Cornish Kitchen would make a wonderful cookery book. 

Laurie was born and bred in Stithians where her father was the local butcher. She told me about her background and her blog:

"My first memory of baking was standing on a little stool and my mother teaching me how to make a fatless sponge. I did the same for my daughter! .My cakes are mostly fuss free, simple and basic, using the best ingredients. I source the recipes from very old cookbooks, friends and relatives, even old churches have old recipe leaflets. I have also been working my way through the Cornish Recipes book by Edith Martin written in 1929. Each recipe is baked and photographed, with a little potted history and taste notes!

I do not think I am good enough for a book, I am afraid - plus so many of my recipes are not for the health conscious either!!!!!!!! So much pastry and butter!  I am happy toddling along with my little Blog, setting the world straight as regards to Cornish baking and traditional cooking.

I have been married for almost 49 years and my husband loves traditional food. I have been a home maker for most of my life. I bake cakes, bread - in fact everything. Genealogy, bridge and baking are my passions. 

As a Cornish housewife who loves to bake, who takes pride in her heritage, I have inherited and collected a treasure trove of recipes that I would like to share. I will be interested in comments and if you also have recipes then I would be glad to try them out and post them!"

Laurie's Stargazing pasties with stuffed herrings -
 a variation of the famous Cornish Stargazy pie,

Laurie has recipes for many meat and fish dishes, including her unusual take on Cornish pasties above. 

Her latest post is suitably seasonal and a welcome change from traditional mince pies.

These are very simple and can use any basic sponge recipe, with a lovely big dob of mincemeat in the middle, baked, then iced and decorated with a festive motif! They look stunning on a plate during the build up to Christmas. Just as easy as mince pies too. I have been making them every few days as my husband loves them so much!

You need a 12 hole muffin tin and some Christmassy muffin cases - I found some little holly cutters in Truro Pannier Market.

This uses an all in one method, so place in a bowl: How easy is that???

6 oz SR flour
6 oz softened butter [definitely not marg]
4 oz any sugar - caster or soft light brown
1 teaspoon mixed spice - or any festive mix of your choice
3 large eggs
1 tablespoon milk
Green and red fondant icing -  (you can buy fondant icing blocks in any supermarket in the baking isle or make it yourself by buying fondant icing mix and just add food colouring [gel] but it is not worth it)
Icing sugar

Beat together until light and fluffy - you all know how! Spoon a large teaspoon of the mix into the bottom of the muffin cases, then a medium heaped teaspoon of mincemeat - I used Lidl’s Deluxe Rum and Raisin. Then place another teaspoon of mix over the mincemeat.  I carefully try to cover the fruit as best I can, but no real need to be too fussy.

Bake in a pre heated fan oven 170 C for 20 mins. Cool, then when they are cold:

Mix a small amount of icing and put a blob on each bun. Roll out a small amount of green fondant icing and cut the holly leaves, place then on the icing. Then take tiny pieces of the red fondant and make berries.

How easy is that???

Seal your fondant blocks in any airtight container and they will keep fresh over the festive period, to use again and again.