Thursday, 11 December 2014

Snooker Fashion at the UK Championship 2014. World Snooker Dress rules. Designer wear by Paul Smith, Christian Louboutin and Givenchy. Casual dress rules WSA. Ronnie O'Sullivan, Judd Trump, Ken Doherty, Mark Allen, Alan McManus, Neil Robertson, Ali Carter, Ding Junhui, Shanelle Loraine. Betting odds on Masters 2015.

 UK Championship 2014

Ronnie  O'Sullivan beat Judd Trump 10-9 in a thrilling final, winning £150,000, plus £44,000 for a break of 147 and £4,000 for the highest break in the tournament. Trump won £70,000 as the runner-up. 

 "That is the hardest match I have ever played," he told BBC Sport 


Ronnie's black and burgundy suede 'Moogg' trainers by Paul Smith: £140.00

It is difficult for snooker players to be fashionable owing to strict dress rules, but Ronnie O'Sullivan and Judd Trump both managed to look stylish in a civilized very tactical shoot-out. 

The dress code is dependent on the tournament. World Snooker Ltd has sent me the rules:
 For the Masters the dress code is:
Afternoon sessions: lounge suits or black/dark tailored trousers, waistcoat and neck ties (no bow ties permitted) with any colour shirt. 
Evening sessions: Black or dark tailored trousers, waistcoat, bow tie with any colour shirt.

Ronnie looked gangsterish during the afternoon in his customary all black outfit,  with trendy Paul Smith trainers. He had fractured his left ankle before the championship and started off by wearing boots which were too uncomfortable. He got permission to wear the more comfortable trainers which were a talking point on Twitter, a) for being trainers and  b) for having white soles 

Judd Trump in Stars & Stripes cotton poplin shirt £ 230.00 by Givenchy

Judd wore an eye-catching Givenchy sheriff style shirt with stars on his collar and a smart crossover bow tie. He likes fast cars and shopping in Bond Street and Sloane Street. He is often called the Juddernaut, and once wore £845 Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spike shoes in 2013 at the Betfair Masters tournament at Alexandra Palace, but found they were too slippy.

Most snooker players aren't too bothered about fashion but some go for natty bow ties or colourful backs on their waistcoats during the more casual rules for afternoon sessions. 

Plans are being mooted at the WSA to relax the casual dress rules next year, maybe even scrapping the waistcoats, although sponsors would have to put their logos on shirts or even T-shirts!

Ken Doherty 
Mark Allen
Alan McManus wore tartan trews in April 2014 
at the World Championship
Neil Robertson
Ali Carter
O'Sullivan with Ding Junhui 
after winning the 2007 Masters final at Wembley Arena

USA Billiards player Shanelle Loraine

Sky Bet is offering odds on the Masters 2015: quoting Ronnie O'Sullivan  at 7/4,  Neil Robertson at 7/1, and  Judd Trump at 15-2.

Snooker is thought to have been invented in India by British Army officers during the latter half of the 19th century.